Giant Sequoia

My encounter with the Sierra Nevada’s Giant Sequoias was a profound experience. After all, they are the most massive trees on Earth and they live very long, up to 3200 years!

These magnificent trees have taught me about their resilience and extraordinary renewal capabilities. For thousands of years giant sequoias have adapted and benefited from natural fires, but over the last decade they have been increasingly threatened by severe droughts causing extensive wildfires and the death of mature trees. Right after my visit, last month’s fires prompted me to honor them.

These giants are ancient and wise teachers. They are incredibly efficient at capturing carbon, and thus unique allies in our global fight against climate change.

Surprisingly, these massive trees have very shallow roots compared to their weight and height. They grow towards other roots and intertwine themselves in order to get the support needed to bear their weight. 

Nature’s interconnectedness is amazing, and well orchestrated. What if we, humans, acquired the collective knowledge of our own interconnectedness to all things?  What if asking for help meant taking care of ourselves? What if taking care of ourselves anchored us further in knowing that we are safe. What if knowing that we are safe brought more peace to the world? Then, what would be possible ?


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