Hello, I’m Céline.

Franco-American at heart, I was born in Provence, a land of ocher between the Alps and the Mediterranean Sea. My grandparents instilled in me compassion, a taste for reflection  and the importance of communing with the land.

My origins shaped my destiny. Pine and oak forests enchanted my childhood, anchoring it in this land of light, colors and scents. The soul of Provence then guided me to New York to fulfill my dreams in the fascinating world of smells and perfumes. After a twenty-three year successful career and a personal journey rich in trials and learnings, in 2021 a revelation showed me a new trajectory and gave me the strength to act and accomplish my heart’s calling.


I met extraordinary people during my twenty years in the United States: therapists, healers, coaches, artists, writers, creators and teachers, all of whom have fed my natural curiosity for personal development.


I was introduced to shamanism by Marilyn Graman, an Urban Shaman and my spiritual life teacher. Author of several books on female psychology, this insightful sage with a pragmatic spirituality has been passing on her knowledge to me for more than fifteen years.


I also completed my “Core Shamanism” apprenticeship with the FSS — Foundation for Shamanic Studies (Foundation for Shamanic Studies) and its teachers in the United States.


These many years of practice allow me to introduce you to — and guide you throughout — the experience of modified states of consciousness, through which you meet your power animal and spiritual guides. I teach methods to connect with the invisible worlds and the spirits of nature, giving you access to many experiences that transform and beautify life.

I have punctuated my twenty American years with extraordinary encounters: therapists, healers, coaches, artists, writers, creators and teachers who have all nourished my natural curiosity for personal development.

I owe the strength and integrity of my shamanic practice to an important work of introspection, rich in twenty years of commitment, which now allows me to transmit to you all the teachings I have received and for which I have the deepest gratitude.

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