Magic Water

Loren Eiseley was an American anthropologist, philosopher and science writer.

This quote is from his book  “The Immense Journey: An Imaginative Naturalist Explores the Mysteries of Man and Nature” – “The flow of the river”.

In this essay, the author describes how he let himself float on the Platte River (Nebraska) while struggling with the memory of a near-drowning experience when he was a kid.  In a floating position looking up towards the sky he describes “ I had the sensation of sliding down the vast tilted face of the continent…Moving with me, leaving its taste upon my mouth and spouting under me in dancing springs of sand was the immense body of the continent itself…” Water connects the author with all living things.

I had an experience one day while scuba diving in the Bahamas. I was eager to observe the magnificent parade offered by a shoal of fish, when suddenly I was called to sing through my regulator. When I finally dared, they created a perfectly round circle in front of my eyes. It did not last, but time stopped. A reef shark, a large grouper, several parrot fish and striped barracudas danced in a wonderful, synchronized way. I am no professional singer by far but I believe they heard my heart’s desire to express my gratitude. 

In these critical times when we are experiencing important climate change with severe heat waves and fires, it is essential to give thanks to our Mother Earth, to express how much we love her and to let her know how grateful we are for her deep compassion towards our humanity.


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