Look and Vision

Shamanism enhances my perception of nature. In the moment I relish its slightest details. I welcome and cherish the great rhythm of mother nature. She teaches me to “always ask, never impose”.

-Can I make a wish?

-Yes, which one?

-This foliage would make a beautiful bouquet!

-For whom? 

Each step is an invitation to observation, to silence, to receive the good, the beautiful and the true. And when nature finally lets me grasp its infinite possibilities, I surrender willingly to its harmony, no questions asked. This is when she invites me to create. 

Creativity remains a great mystery for humanity. When manifested, it can disturb or it can offend. Meanwhile, those who have the sensibility to channel it can then explore and innovate by breaking free of traditional rules and without worrying about others’ approval. Little is needed to be creative, however one must tolerate uncertainty and the unknown. 

The environmental and societal challenges we are facing today call for creativity. Iit is not about predicting the future but rather about transforming, about achieving something new around issues that matter to us, for which we care, here and now. 

Take a step into the forest… a step aside to honor one’s originality and ultimately to overcome life’s challenges. 

When I practice shamanic divination for my clients – in a modified state of consciousness along with the powerful relationship I have built with my guides – I reveal to them unexpected and inspiring information which, when applied to their life, contribute to their quest and to their own creative path.  


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