Voyage Celeste


All shamanic societies make special use of dreams. There are many specificities according to their regions but also according to each individual. The dream is considered as a message from the “other world”, it is also interpreted as a journey of the soul.

By practicing shamanism, I was able to understand some dreams I had a very long time ago. When I was 6 years old there was a dream that particularly caught my attention. The landscapes did not resemble those that surrounded me at that time, however they were like  the lands of Arizona that I would discover 20 years later. An animal visited me, the way it moved and gazed at me was so surprising, that after all these years, this dream remains vivid and touching.

The dolphin is another dream with a divinatory connotation that I had several years ago. I swam at full speed and dove repeatedly in turquoise blue waters while holding on to the fin of a dolphin. Other dolphins had joined me and accompanied me in this frantic race towards joy and playfulness. The sea was clear and the landscapes worthy of an earthly paradise. What moves me the most in this dream, beyond its incredible omen which would come true later for my greatest happiness, is the initiation to the joy experienced in the company of these dolphins and in total communion with the sea.

And you? What is the dream that impacted you the most ? Was it premonitory ? What were the learnings ? Did it give you insights about a problem you are currently experiencing?

It is possible to be more conscious when we are dreaming, just like when we are awake. For this try to be the observer of your own dreams, as you would when you meditate. Before falling asleep, you can also express to the “other world” your aspiration to receive insights. This may take practice, don’t be discouraged.


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