Voyage Celeste


Discover Yourself

During my Celeste Shamanic Course, I bridge the divide between your inner wisdom and the wounds that you release, so that new projects and dreams can materialize. This program is entirely tailored to your needs and allows you to discover yourself, to understand the cycles and patterns that repeat themselves in your life and that prevent you from radiating, from being authentic. You identify and dismantle what hurts, in order to be at peace with yourself and with others. You reconnect with your inner strength to take off and start anew.

Weekly sessions — scheduled over 3 or 6 months — allow you to deepen this self-discovery and to create new possibilities where you need them most in your life.  For this program, I combine my healing and shamanic practice with 20 years of extensive training in mindfulness, coaching and self-development, so you benefit from a strong, pragmatic and multidimensional experience. 

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